Frequently Asked Questions

You may find here some information you need about using Telefonco services.
World Local Call FAQs
Internet Call FAQs
Payment FAQs
General FAQs
1. Can I place another call before receiving the call back?

While a call is in progress, you will not be able to place another call.

2. What if I have not received a call back within 10 seconds when using the World Local Call service?

We will try to ensure that your receive a call back within 10 seconds after placing the initial call.

3. How can I make a World Local Call call?

When you choose a contact to call, the Telefonco app will display the World Local Call calling option and the other possible calling options. So, you just have to choose the World Local Call service.

4. Will the Telefonco app use my local carrier minutes to make a World Local Call?

No, calling via the Telefonco app will not use your local carrier calling minutes.

5. How does the Telefonco World Local Call service work?

If you use the World Local service for calling, you just need to dial the destination number from Telefonco app selecting “wold local call” option, Thanks to this mechanism you can save significant amounts of money while making international calls.

6. When using World Local Call, I instantly receive a call back. Is this an error?

When you use Telefonco's World Local Call service, we send a call request to our servers.

Then we receive the request, we will call you back immediately through a regular phone network. After you have answered the incoming call, we will connect you to the number that you wish to reach. Hence, receiving the call is not an error.

7. What is the Telefonco Internet Call?

Telefonco's Internet Call service allows you to make cheap international calls using 3G/4G/wi-fi connection.

8. How do I activate the Internet Call service?

The Internet Call service is activated by default for all Telefonco users.

NB! Consistent 3G/4G/wi-fi connection is required to make internet calls, if the connection breaks, the call will drop.

9. Is it possible to make Internet Calls while roaming?

Yes, you can call any mobile or landline number in the world.

10. I bought credits for my account. Why hasn't the balance been updated?

For us to be able to display your most recent credit amount, you must be connected to the internet. After you have connected to the internet, your balance should be updated in a few minutes.

If you are connected to the internet and your balance still has not been updated, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure to fix the issue for you, so that you can enjoy our services without any trouble!

11. My payment was denied. Why is that?

There are many reasons for a denied payment, such as insufficient funds, incorrect debit/credit card information, expired card etc. Please keep in mind that we do not accept all cards. Currently we accept credit/debit cards, such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Visa Electron.

In some situations, a technical problem may be at fault. If you are certain that the inserted information is correct, please try to purchase again later. If your payment still isn't going through, please contact us and we will find the solution to the problem for you.

12. I don't have a credit card. How do I buy credits?

At the moment, we accept payments through debit and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Visa Electron. Furthermore, payments can be made through your PayPal account.

You can also check out the acceptable payment methods by following the link: Google Support

13. How do I check my balance?

You can check your balance by going to the Telefonco app and doing the following:

  • fiber_manual_record Tap on the menu icon located at the top left corner of the display
  • fiber_manual_record You will see your balance next to the 'Buy credits' button
14. Can I transfer credits from one Telefonco account to another?

No, you cannot transfer credits between two Telefonco accounts.

15. How do I see payments history?

To view your payment history:

  • fiber_manual_record Click on the menu icon at the top left corner
  • fiber_manual_record Click on "Purchase history"
  • fiber_manual_record See the detailed overview of your payments

You can see all of the payments that you have made since the creation of your account.

16. How can I add credits to my account?

You can buy credits through our app: Telefonco

  • fiber_manual_record Simply click on the menu icon at the top left corner of the screen
  • fiber_manual_record Click on "Buy credits"
  • fiber_manual_record Proceed to choose the credit package that best suits your needs
17. Where can I see the call rates?

You may see our rates on our website or on the Telefonco app. To check the rates on the Telefonco app:

  • fiber_manual_record Click on the menu icon located at the top left corner of the screen
  • fiber_manual_record Click on the "Rates" button
  • fiber_manual_record Proceed to take a look at the rates that you need
18. Is there any monthly fee?

No, there are no monthly fees, you just pay the calling rates on the calls that you make by using the Telefonco app.

19. Why are the same country's calling rates different for two contacts?

Call charges depend on various factors, such as the destination you want to call, the type of number you want to call (mobile number, landline number or a special number) and the carrier of the receiver. Thus, there might be small price variations for two contacts from the same country. If you want to see the calling rates, please visit or check the rates through your Telefonco app.

20. Are there any specific network requirements that need to be fulfilled for the Internet Call service?

You just have to have a stable 3G/4G/wi-fi connection as simple as that.

21. What happens if my phone loses 3G/4G/wi-fi connection while I am in the middle of an Internet Call?

In this case the call will get disconnected. You should try to reconnect to the same network source or try to connect to a different internet network. In case you do not have a stable 3G/4G/wi-fi connection, you can try the World Local Call service, it does not require an internet connection.

22. Can I call any country in the world using Telefonco?

Yes, it's possible to call any landline or mobile number in the world by using Telefonco.

23. How can I make a call using Telefonco?

To make a Telefonco call:

  • fiber_manual_record Open the Telefonco app and choose a contact from your existing contact list or dial a new number in the international format, such as +372 56 xx xxxx for Estonia.
  • fiber_manual_record To call contacts that are not on your contact list, you must use the dialpad to dial the number you wish to reach. NB! The dialled numbers have to be in international format, such as +372 56 xx xx xx for Estonia
  • fiber_manual_record Once you press on a number you want to call the app will present you an option to choose the preferred calling service: Internet Call (you need 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection) or World Local Call (no internet connection needed, you just need a local SIM card)
24. Can I use Telefonco services with a number belonging to another phone?

No, you can only make calls only from the same number that you registered with.

25. Can I use a Google Voice or Skype number?

No, you cannot use a Google Voice or Skype number. You must have a local sim card in your phone number.

26. Do I need an internet connection for calling?

Internet connection is needed for the Internet Call service, but not for the World Local Call service.

NB! For Internet Calls you have to be connected to 3G/4G/Wi-Fi at all times, otherwise the call will disconnect.

27. When I dial a contact, a number is displayed that does not belong to the contact I am calling. Is this an error?

No, it is not an error, Through calling this local number, we connect you to your international contact and save you international calling charges.

28. Will the person I am calling see my phone number as the caller ID?

In most cases the receiver will see your correct phone number, but there are some destinations that when dialled will show another phone number. NB! You can also enable Private Number feature. This will guarantee that your caller ID will not be shown at all. This service is completely free.

29. Is it necessary for the receiver to have internet connection to receive my call?

No. There is no need for the receiver to have internet connection.

30. I called a destination but my call did not go through. Why is that?

Just like a regular phone call, your calls might fail due to many reasons. In such cases, please make sure that:

  • fiber_manual_record You're calling from the same number you registered with Telefonco.
  • fiber_manual_record The destination number is operational. If the receiver's phone is switched off, out of order or outside the coverage area, your call will not go through.
  • fiber_manual_record You have sufficient credits in your account to make the call.
31. What is the difference between a Telefonco call and a regular carrier call?

The most important difference is that Telefonco calls are much cheaper than regular carrier calls.

Telefonco calls provide the same quality if not better, do not drop, and will work from everywhere in the world.

32. Can I add another number to my account?

No, you can't add another number, but you can change the existing one.

33. How do I change my registered phone number on the Telefonco app?

To change your number:

  • fiber_manual_record Tap on the menu icon located at the top left corner of the display
  • fiber_manual_record Then you can see your phone number and next to it is the "Edit" button
  • fiber_manual_record Click "Edit" and proceed to change your phone number

NB! Make sure that the number you have added is active and belongs to the same device for verification purposes. After that, your previous number will get deleted and your new number will be saved as your primary number.

34. Can I add a number which already has a Telefonco account?


35. Do my friends, family, and other people need the Telefonco app to receive my call?

No they do not need to have the Telefonco account in order to receive your call. With our services you can call any mobile or landline number in the world.

However, you can suggest them to use Telefonco as well, so that they can also enjoy cheap calling.

36. Is it possible to use Telefonco when traveling to other countries?

Yes, you can use your existing account to make calls when you are travelling.

37. How can I add contacts?

In order to add a contact to the Telefonco app, you have to add a new contact into your phone's contact list, just like you would do on a regular basis. After you have added the new contact to your phone's phonebook, open up the Telefonco app and your contacts will automatically be synced in the app.

38. How can I verify my phone number?

We will send you an OTP (one time password) via SMS (text message) on the number that you registered with.

We use multiple SMS providers to make sure that our users never face an issue in receiving the OTP. However, if you have not received the OTP, do hit the 'Resend Code' button which will send you another OTP through another SMS provider. Once you have successfully entered the OTP, you will be taken straight to the app.

39. How can I delete my account?

You can delete your Telefonco account whenever you like, just send us an email and tell us why you want to delete your account.

40. Why can't I verify my number while signing up?

The one time password verification process may fail due to following factors:

  • fiber_manual_record Your phone does not have signal from the local carrier network. You need an active carrier network connection to receive this SMS from us.
  • fiber_manual_record Due to the fact that Telefonco uses multiple SMS providers, it can happen that one of them was unable to deliver the SMS. To fix this issue, just click the "Resend" button and we will send you the verification code again.